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Hello! My name is Krystal Ritenour. I am a passionate multi-media digital artist. I do photography and video, and some graphic arts, in and around the small town of Greensburg, Pennsylvania. Sessions with me are a bit different compared to typical photographers. I'm a spontaneous, free-flowing kind of person and who's down to try just about anything it takes to get the "right" shot. I strive to keep my photography as "natural" as possible, by not over editing (unless neccesary for the style).Check out my work, see what you think, and if you think I'm the right photographer/videographer for you, message me and we'll talk!.



My photography is an adventurous, free flowing style. I intend to capture YOU and poses that represent you. You are unique and I want to capture you and your personality the way you truly are. .


My videography services are very expansive. I'll do anything from the marketing feild, (e.g, promoting goods, and services), to the music feild (e.g, live video/audio sessions and music videos). I also do work in more personal feilds, (e.g, reunions, birthday partys, weddings, ect.). If there's anything else you might be interested in these services for, just ask. .


Moments To

Memories are often things that we reflect on inside our minds, or by glancing back at old photographs, telling stories, or watching old VHS tapes with bits and peices of the "good old days" fragmented across a snowy tv screen. But what if you could capture and tell a story, while it's happening, all at the same time? Well, I can help you do that so you can replay those special moments to refelct on for years to come.
The event can be anything you want from Wedding Trailers, Birthday parties, Reunions, , or any other special event you want to remember. If this is something you're interested in doing, please email me, and we can talk!

Firt Impressions

Your bussiness (whether you're a freelance painter or graphic artist, own your own coffee shop, or dog-walking bussiness) first impressions really do matter.
One of the greatest tools in our world today is social media marketing. It's not always easy to get yourself out there, especially when you're relying on the free-will of other humans to click their way to your bussiness-page or website, but maybe I can help.
We as humans have a very short attention span, and it's getting even worse- but a good promotional video that captivates viewers eyes, and makes them feel an emotion or sensation, might just be enough to get you some extra bussiness.
For more information on how help you and your bussiness, contact me at, or fill out "contact" form at the bottom of the page.

You Can Rewind

Musical Videography Services most commonly include Music Videos, Live Audio/Video Sessions and Live Concert Videography; However If you have something else in mind, I'm sure it can be done. Prices vary depending on the project, hours, and editing of the project.
Shoot me an email about your project idea, and we'll talk!

You Can Rewind


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